Elder Marcus Wharton is laboring in the Kentucky Louisville Mission.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Dear family,
I'm excited for y'alls trip to Idaho. Is cousin Cole home from his mission yet? I would love to go on a cruise with cousin Dalton! Mother, you're doing it real big on your emailing, Thanks for the news!
So President Woodbury called me on Saturday to tell me the situation for this coming transfer: He isn't going to be splitting the area into two, like we thought he was going to do. Instead he called to tell me that I was getting transferred over to Mount Sterling, back to the Lexington North Zone. He wanted to call me to be a district leader for that district (Winchester district) and my new companion will be a new Elder named Elder Downs. He's been out for six weeks now and I will be follow-up training him.
I'm sad that I will be leaving this area. I really love this ward, the Louisville 4th ward. There's so much that is going to be happening here very soon. For example, Brother Thorn will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood this next week. he's only been baptized three weeks now. Does that tell you how much or how awesome Brother Thorn is? I'll miss the Thorns so much. Elder Allen, former Elder Schofield and I have taught and served many people here and I will miss them. 
That's pretty much the news, I'm sad that most of our investigators didn't come to church this Sunday.
By the way, did I tell y'all last week that Brother Thorn confirmed the Aaronic Priesthood to Chris Dearing?
I love y'all, tell Auntie Debra sorry that I didn't write her this past week while she was staying over there. I didn't get your email before I got off the computer.
I'm going to try to send photos... next week I'll tell y'all my direct emailing address.
Loves from, Elder Wharton

Dear Family,
Great letter Mother, I actually have some time today to type and read. My preparation days always seem so rushed all the time but Elder Allen and I have a pretty relaxed day today.
Well I got some news!!:
I. Chris D. is getting baptized this weekend! I'm super excited for him, and later, I will be able to see him and his family again when they go to the temple to be sealed :) (he's a part member family by the way).
II. Elder Allen and I will be splitting up August 28th because President Woodbury wants to divide the area again. So Elder Allen or I will be moving in with the Arcadia Spanish Elders (that means I might get a new address). The reason Edler Allen and I know this is because the Assistants came over to our apartment on Friday to see if the apartment was big enough to house four Elders. They looked at it and said it wouldn't work but I referred them to  the Arcadia Spanish apartment. So I'm really excited for this coming transfer as well.
III. This past week has been really good. I feel that we got some great baptisms that are about to start happening soon!
This past week, Elder Allen and I, got three baptismal dates, five progressing investigators and 13 new investigators. I'm so pumped! President made a new indicator to report and that is how many people we contact a day. Everyone's goal is to contact 10 people per missionary making 20 people per companionship and 30 for a trio- companionship. That's 140 people a week for us and 210 people for the trio- companionships. I feel that it's working really well! :) Elder Allen and I get referrals all the time.
Anyway, I love you guys and tell Sherry good luck and that I love her too.
Loves from, Elder M. Theodore Wharton
August 5, 2012

Dear Fam,
As always, things sound great over there. As for thinking of doing nursing or whatever, I might look into Biosystematics or Bioengineering.
I honestly don't hae much time right now because the zone leaders have a unification activity that Edler Allen and I have to drive to that's on the other end of town.
I have alot to say but no time. There's been some tune-ups or new rules added by the mission president. The only music that I can listen to now is EFY, Mo tab, Mormon tabernacal chore (most of them, but not some), General conference talks from general authorities and Hymns. Tons of other rules are added too... but I don't mind them. So can you send me the new EFY cd for this past summer? Also can I get the Alex Boyé cd of hymnals? Thanks!
So this week was great!  We gained some great new investigators and have another baptismal date for B; on September the 8th. He's new and we will see him on Wednesday to see his progress. Chris D. is still doing great for August 18Th :).
I love y'all and I will type to y'all next week, I need to type up a sheet for one of out investigators. It's a challenge that we are going to put on her refrigerator it get her to read :). I also have to type to President Woodbury.
Loves from Elder Wharton
Grangerize is a form of art and study.

Dear Family,
Another great week over there, huh? That's perfect :).
On the subject of foods, I miss the tortilla soup. I remember when I was tired of it like Brett but in my last area a lady fed us tortilla soup and it was so good that I missed it! Anyway, on things to cook, I've been trying to think of new things to cook because I've been cooking mexican food almost all the time. Maybe if I could learn how to make the tortilla soup? About a week ago I made my first chili soup, it was great! Most of my mexican foods have rice, garlic, jalapanios and corn tortillas in them. I think my next target is to make this chicken Alfredo mushroom pasta thing that I found on the back of this 'cream of mushroom' can I got. Lately, I've been pretty crazy about sautéing.
This past week has been really good, Elder Allen and I only have 10 miles left to drive around, for the rest of the month, so we will be walking and biking till Wednesday. The good news is that we have several new investigators, several progressing investigators and Chris D. moved his baptismal date sooner, to August 18th! I'm excited. Brother Schofield (former Elder Schofield), is probably going to be coming to Kentucky from Utah to Chris' baptism.
I feel like I'm getting tanner from all the sunshine. Elder Allen doesn't tan, nor do I, but the funny thing is our arms and necks are tanning from all the sun. Can someone say that, 'missionary work makes you look better'?
I'm about to start my next journal soon after two more journal entries. I've grangerized my next journal and it looks cool and funny :).
Ok I love y'all and I'll talk to y'all next week!
Loves from Elder Wharton

Dearest Family,
Uncle James sounds epic. I didn't know we had a family cemetery either. All I can say is that he's in a better place now.
This week was pretty great, we were looking at the calender with Chris D. figuring out when would be a great day for him to be baptized. he's thinking some time in August. Also a family that Elder Allen and I found from the beginning of our last transfer came to church this past Sunday! I'm super excited for them :). The husband, W., didn't show up but the wife, and two kids came. They came for the first hour only but their little girl said, "This is the first time I wanted to stay in church and now we're leaving." She's so precious. They all liked it and have the best fellowshippers ever, the W. family, and they live right accross the street! They're going to get dunked!
So I gave a talk this Sunday on Prayer. I was suposed to go for 15 minutes but I accidently went 20 to 25 minutes. I tried to go as fast as I could for all the material I had! Elder Allen gave his talk last week.
Earlier this week we were about to start tracting but we received a phone call from a dude in Provo, Utah; he told us of a referral that he had for us. So we dropped our tracting and went straight to the referral, who was out in the sticks at the edge of our area. It was super awesome for Elder Allen and I because we've both been in the city for our whole mission so far. I think i might send pictures. The referral was a awesome lady that seems pretty interested in the Church.
On Saturday, Elder Allen and I tracted in the pouring rain... it was fun :). It rained like cats and dogs and all of our stuff got soaked but it's all good.
Also Yesturday has a funny story. Elder Allen picked a street for us to go tract called "Thunder Road" when we were planning for the day. We go and tract the road the first people soew us away rudely, the next door said no and so jokingly i turned to Elder Allen and said, "Terrible choice on road picking." The very next house the guy answers and tells us that he's vary interested in what we have to share because his grandma was about to die but that he was about to head out to the hospital to go see her before she passes on. So we gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon with a bookmark on Alma 40.
When we walked away I turned to Elder Allen, "Great choice on road picking." It's funny but you know that it's super sad for that family right now. We have an appointment with him tomorrow.
Anyway, I love y'all!
Elder M.Theodore Wharton
ps- transfers are on the 17th and I don't know if I'm going to be transferred or not. I hope I stay!

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 11:57 AM, Marcus Wharton
Dear Family,
Thanks for the email. I haven't got to listen to the voice mail because I don't have my library earphones with me. I'm glad you like the mixes. Yes it's been in the triple digits all week last week.
I'm going to have to make this a bit short because Elder Allen and I set some important appointments right after library time. I didn't want to take some of my preparation day and my communication to y'all shorter but these are important investigators and they're hard to catch so today would be the best day for them.  I have been trying to teach them together probably since he's been here in the Louisville 4th ward. They're just so busy and they seem pretty solid. The story behind it is awesome:
Elder Allen and I were riding our bikes trying to make our contact 20 people a day thing (outside of tracting). So we came into a neighborhood aimlessly when suddenly a bunch of people started to come out of the house. Turns out that their power went off! So Elder Allen and I were going door to door talking to everyone while tons of kids were running up and down the street. So we find the house of one of the new members that moved in and right after we talked to them we ran into this man.. "W." was pretty interested in the Restoration and since then, he and J/, has been having great fellowship by their new neighbors (the new family that moved into the ward). They haven't been to church yet because they are really busy but they really want to come this Sunday.
Chris D. is also doing well, still hasn't shared a dunk date that he wants yet. We haven't had a lesson with Chad D. this past week since he's been out of town but he still has a dunk date for August 18th. Elder Allen and I also have lots of potential investigators too that have some promise.
Anyway, I love all of y'all and I'll talk to y'all next week,
Elder M.Theodore Wharton